About us

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  1. Our Goal

    With our electric cargo bikes, we want to make the city a greener and quieter place.

    We also want to make attractive and high quality cargo bikes that use the newest technology and state of the art materials to move people and freights through town in the fastest possible way. By doing so we aim to reduce the use of scooters and cars. Not just in the Netherlands. Our goal is to make the best cargo bikes in the world. That’s why today we are already doing business in 11 countries.

  2. Our Ambition

    It goes without saying that we are continuously developing, testing, and improving our bicycles and accessories to make the cycle experience as satisfactory as possible. In 2010 and 2013 this resulted in 2 international awards.

    Still, we can always do better. That’s why Urban Arrow works with the ‘open source’ principle. Which means that we are open to students, bicycle fans, and dealers providing us feedback and ideas that improve our products. So, if you have an idea that can help improve our products, we’d love to hear from and share with you!