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  • Family

    The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist that quickly and safely carries your children across town. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and can be easily and smoothly maneuvered through traffic jams. From now on you can leave your car at home. What more does a family want!

  • Shorty

    The Shorty is a tough commute bicycle. Entirely Dutch design, which clearly shows! But apart from good looking, the Shorty is also fast. Unlike a scooter it easily carries a lot of stuff, without losing its maneuverability. Whether it’s a briefcase or some pizzas, you can all bring it from A to B in no time.

  • Cargo

    The Cargo is the ideal alternative for a small van. Only better; it replaces the last mile with the last green mile; the Cargo doesn’t emit CO2 or any other polluting particles. What’s more it is fast, efficient, and doesn’t make a sound. Thus supporting a cleaner environment. And a cleaner image, of course!