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Alongside the usual benefits of an electric bike, the Urban Arrow Shorty also has many commercial benefits.

Low depreciation, low cost per mile, favorable leasing rates and a big operating range. Despite its speed, the rider does not need a scooter license.

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  1. EN Environmentally Friendly

    The Shorty is the greenest option in its class. Because this bike does not emit any particulates, the carbon footprint is minimal. That’s not only good for the air quality in town, but also for your business’s green image.

    The Shorty is also environmentally friendly because it makes virtually no sound. It moves through the city almost unnoticed and silent.

  2. EN Comfort

    The Shorty is very comfortable. With the electric assist from Bosch you always have the wind at your back, and gear changes are smooth thanks to NuVinci’s continuously variable transmission. You basically change gear without thinking about it or feeling it.

    The Shorty is also easy to maneuver thanks the light frame and low center of gravity. The thick tires ensure good impact absorption if you encounter a bump. So it’s fast and comfortable. You cut through the city like a knife through butter, and reach your destination before you know it.


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  1. EN Fruit & vegetable delivery 2.0

    Recently we started using the Urban Arrow Shorty to deliver our fruits and vegetables. We deliver our produce by order, so the speed of delivery is very important for us. With a bicycle we are on the road quickly, and the maintenance is also less expensive when you compare it with the cost of maintaining a scooter for instance.

    The biggest advantage is that you don’t need a (scooter) license. As a result we can use delivery riders from the age of 14, which means you earn back the investment more quickly!

  2. EN District Nurse Judith

    District nurse Judith van Hoof works for a homecare agency in Moerdijk. She didn’t want a lease car, and also politely declined a lease scooter. “Just give me a good bike!” Judith told her employer.

    She said the same thing during a visit by King Willem-Alexander in 2016. “We liked that so much that we decided to sponsor her,” says Wim van der Meeren from health insurer CZ, who donated an Urban Arrow Shorty to Judith.

    “You’re very eye-catching on a bicycle like this, and people are quick to talk to you. That’s great for a district nurse,” says Judith enthusiastically.



Lengte 145cm
Breedte 54,5cm
Wielmaat 22" (55,9cm)
Kleur Zwart / wit
Remtype Roller Brake / Hydraulic Disc Brake


Materiaal Geëxpandeerd Polypropyleen (EPP)
Capaciteit 154 liter
Kleur Antraciet
Afmeting binnen 87cm, x 46,7cm x 50cm (l×b×h)


Motor Bosch
Vermogen 250W
Accu Li-ION 36V, 10Ah
Actieradius 40km (met lading) / 50km
Lader 85W, +/- 5 uur


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  1. EN Shorty Explorer Case

    The Explorer Case is perfect for protecting your valuable electronic equipment during transportation. It’s available in black and orange, and with precisely tailored High Density Foam where required.

    Exterior dimensions: L 65 x W 52 x H 24 cm Interior dimensions: L 58 x W 44 x H 22 cm Volume: 56 L Weight: 7 Kg Color: Orange or black

  2. EN Pizzabox

    The Pizza Box is available in black and red and can hold a maximum of eight pizza boxes. The Pizza Box has a handy latch fastening, and is very sturdy so it can take a hit.

    Exterior dimensions: L 60 x W 54 x H 42 cm Interior dimensions: L 46 x W 46 x H 33 cm Volume: 70 L Weight: 7.5 kg Color: Black and Red

  3. EN Shorty Bag

    The Shorty Bag makes it possible to transport cold drinks and/or desserts separately. That makes the Shorty Bag the ideal accessory for use with the Pizza Box.

    Dimensions: L 65 x W 52 x H 24 cm Volume: 56 L Color: White or black

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