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The Cargo XXL is the heavyweight in the Urban Arrow line-up. Because the Cargo XXL is so distinctive, this bike is ideal for promoting your business out and about. The various cargo boxes can easily be furnished with your logo and corporate identity.

Alongside the usual benefits of an electric bike, the Cargo XXL also has many commercial benefits: low depreciation and a low cost per mile, favorable leasing rates, a big operating range, and despite its speed the rider does not need a scooter license.

  1. EN Bosch Performance

    A look under the hood shows that the motor with which the Cargo XXL is equipped is a very reliable and powerful beast. The XXL is supplied as standard with a Bosch Performance motor, 400Wh battery and Shimano disc brakes.

    You can upgrade the Cargo XXL’s motor to the Performance CX model if required. That gives you more torque to help you travel even more easily. Which is handy with a heavy load.


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  1. EN Pedalkraft

    Pedalkraft is a Danish importer and distributor for various cycle brands. Alongside Urban Arrow, its brand portfolio includes Brompton folding bicycles.

    Pedalkraft has opted to deliver the folding bicycles by bike as much as possible. Up to 8 bicycles can be delivered in one go using the Urban Arrow XXL. Load up, tighten the strap and off you go!

  2. EN Oovelo

    A very special Cargo XXL can be seen on the streets of Antwerp. Cycle courier OOVelo uses this truck with trailer to deliver medicines to hospitals and healthcare institutions in the city.

  3. EN Ring-Ring

    Ring-Ring® is a free app that offer rewards for your bicycle use from businesses, municipal councils, employers and health insurers. The organisation itself uses an Urban Arrow with a beautifully customized box.

    Janine Hogendoorn from Ring Ring: “Not everyone realizes yet that bicycles are ideal for transporting cargo. But when I cycled through town with my cool Ring-Ring® Urban Arrow, you can see the lightbulb going on. So smooth, fast and convenient. My beloved Urban Arrow is unbeatable!”



Lengte 145cm
Breedte 54,5cm
Wielmaat 22" (55,9cm)
Kleur Zwart / wit
Remtype Roller Brake / Hydraulic Disc Brake


Materiaal Geëxpandeerd Polypropyleen (EPP)
Capaciteit 154 liter
Kleur Antraciet
Afmeting binnen 87cm, x 46,7cm x 50cm (l×b×h)


Motor Bosch
Vermogen 250W
Accu Li-ION 36V, 10Ah
Actieradius 40km (met lading) / 50km
Lader 85W, +/- 5 uur


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  1. EN Flightcase XXL

    The Flightcase XXL is suitable for a wide range of uses. With a gigantic 700 litre volume it takes very little effort to move house, for example.

    Exterior dimensions: L 167 (top) / 130 (bottom) x W 67 x H 75 cm
    Interior dimensions: L 165 (top) / 127.5 (bottom) x W 62 x H 72 cm
    Volume: 700 L
    Weight: 28 kg
    Option: A shelf halfway and/or stickers
    Self-closing (slam action lock)

  2. EN Coolbox XXL (passive cooling)

    The Coolbox XXL is made of a 5 cm thick sandwich construction of polypropylene and foam. The exterior is finished with stainless steel and aluminium. It’s a passive cooler; cooling can be provided with bags of ice or dry ice. If required, a rail can be fitted on the lid.

    Exterior dimensions: L 130 x W 72.5 x H 72 cm
    Interior dimensions: L120 x W 61.5 x H 55 cm
    Insulation: 0.035 W/mK
    Volume: 400 L
    Self-closing (slam action lock)

  3. EN Sliderbox XXL

    If you transport smaller parcels, possibly in crates, the Sliderbox XXL is often the handiest solution. It offers plenty of cargo space and a large mobile advertising sign for your business.

    Exterior dimensions: L 130 x W 67 x H 92 cm
    Interior dimensions: L 126 x W 61 x H 84 cm
    Volume: 650 L / 9 Euro crates (L 60 cm x W 40 cm x H 24 cm)
    Weight: 28 kg
    Options: A shelf halfway / doors on one side / doors on both sides / stickers

  4. EN Stickers

    At Urban Arrow you can have stickers applied to all boxes to turn your bike into a mobile, eyecatching, billboard. You’ll certainly be noticed!

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