The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist that quickly and safely carries your children across town. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and can be easily and smoothly maneuvered through traffic jams.

Together with our practical accessories, such as a folding bench or extra child’s seat on the back, you can completely customize it to your family needs. Everything in Dutch design. So, no car needed; cycling it is!

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  1. Safe

    This model is dubbed Family with a reason; it is focused on the safety of your children. Because it seats children lower than other cargo bikes its center of gravity is closer to the ground, which gives it a better grip on the road. And the robust and shockproof foam (EPP) box gives your children extra protection.

    We also thought of the driver, who can always reach the ground, but is nevertheless seated upright. Which makes the bicycle comfortable and gives the driver a good view on the road.

  2. Comfort

    The Family is very comfortable in use. With its electric assist you are always riding downwind. And it easily changes gear thanks to the continuously variable transmission by NuVinci. Which means changing gears without thinking.

    With its lightweight frame and low center of gravity the Family is easy to maneuver. Even when it’s loaded with children. Driving up and off a curb is also no problem with this robust bicycle thanks to its wide tires and foam (EPP) box, in which your children have a soft seat. In a nutshell: fast and comfortable. At your destination, before you know it.

  3. Practical

    The Family is entirely child proof. Not just thanks to its soft foam (EPP) box, but also because of the handy and sturdy stair that assists children in climbing in. That’s not all; the protective Hebie chainguard is entirely closed, so that no contact with the chain can be made.

    The Family can be flexibly customized. Thanks to its modular nature you can easily transform it into a Shorty – e.g. when your children don’t fit in the box anymore. We also have a wide range of accessories, such as a foldable bench for comfort or a base for your Maxicosi or Yepp seat. This is how our Family adapts to your family.


  • Box cover-20

    Box cover

    Water repellant and foldable, so that it can also just cover your children’s legs.
  • Rain tent-20

    Rain tent

    Keep your children and yourself mostly dry when it rains. Behind the foldable cover a fly-screen protects from bugs flying into you.
  • Yepp adapter-20

    Yepp adapter

    With this adapter you can install a handy Yepp Mini seat in the box.
  • Maxi Cosi seat adapter-20

    Maxi Cosi seat adapter

    With this adapter you can install a Maxi Cosi seat in the box.
  • Luggage net-20

    Luggage net

    A net for storing stuff without it taking up too much space; for refreshment, a lock chain or some groceries.
  • Bike parka cover

    Parka bike cover

    Strong waterproof bike cover
  • Transform to shorty-20

    Transform to shorty

    Give the Family a second life when your children have their own bicycles. Can also be used for the Cargo.
  • Transform to cargo-20

    Transform to cargo

    Convert your Shorty or Family to a Cargo.
  • Second bench-20

    Second bench

    A comfortable seat that you can stow away when you need the box for something else.
  • Poncho-20


    Perfect poncho for on the Urban Arrow in combination with the raincover* * raincover model 2016 with velcroband